About us?

It is the result of an alliance between CES University and the Ekisa company.

HCS offers a wide variety of products oriented to various health sectors in which the modules of: appointments and agendas, general dentistry and specialties, dermatology, psychology and general medicine are highlighted.

Additionally, it has a solution for clinics and veterinary centers.

CES University is a private, autonomous, non-profit, self-sustaining entity that offers undergraduate and postgraduate educational services in all areas of knowledge, at a technological, undergraduate and postgraduate level with high human, ethical and scientific quality, which stimulates cultural, social, ideological, political and religious pluralism. For its part, Ekisa is a company created with the aim of offering solutions in information systems to different types of companies, especially those in the health sector.


In 2015, the CES University began a project to systematize the clinical processes of the various centers and services, the implementation of the project is so successful that the Health Community Software HCS company was created through a relationship agreement between the company. EKISA in May 2017, this agreement allows both entities to commercialize software products focused on digital medical history, where HCS offers products that help to systematize the basic processes of organizations that provide dental services such as: History, odontogram, periodontogram , Plaque index, endodontic annex, Bolton, Sanín and Savara analysis, cephalometric analysis, mixed dentition analysis, model analysis, panoramic analysis, orthodontic analysis, total prosthesis analysis, caries registry, risk analysis , splicing, medical history of the baby, diagnostic criteria for temporomadibular disorders, analysis of space, Grummons analysis, Oral rehabilitation: extraoral and aesthetic examination intraoral analysis joint analysis radiographic analysis analysis of diagnostic models and prognosis description of the treatment phases predetermination.


The methodology for the use of its applications involves:

1. Elicitation of requirements.
2. Software installation.
3. Training for end users and functional leaders
4. Support