About us?

The Colombian Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis - OCCM-, is constituted in the study and scientific research group of the CES University, in order to provide factual, objective, reliable and updated information regarding the uses, benefits and risks of derivatives of the marijuana for medicinal uses, based on available scientific evidence, in order to support clinical decision-making for better practice and public health for better decision-making.

The creation of the Medical Cannabis Observatory is supported by the scientific discussion that is generating the use of marijuana derivatives for these purposes, which makes it necessary to collect, classify, analyze and disseminate the information and published documentation; better know and understand the subject in question through studies with the participation of experts and promote reflection and the exchange of knowledge in the network, around the subject of marijuana for medicinal uses, all this in order to maintain one of the ethical principles of medicine that of charity that raises among other concepts that:

  1. All medical procedures must be directed to benefit the patient
  2. Avoid any action that could harm the patient (Principle of non-maleficence): "First do no harm"
  3. Ensure that all medical acts allow maximum benefit for the patient, exposing him to the minimum risk
  4. Ensure that medical care must be delivered according to the highest quality standards
  5. That medical attention is done in accordance with current medical knowledge
  6. That information is provided to the patient and their relatives, with opportunity, in a complete, understandable way for them, with veracity; that includes the diagnoses of probability or certainty, the program of studies and treatments; its objectives, the risks, adverse effects, sequelae and complications that could arise; the expected benefits, the prognosis, their variations and the expectations of cure, control, improvement or palliation of the disease and all this is what will be sought with the Colombian Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis.