Strategic alliances

CES University has signed a framework cooperation agreement with YISSUM RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT COMPANY OF THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM, LTD.

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Yissum is the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, founded in 1964, it is the third company of its kind ever created in Israel with a rich tradition of innovation and commercialization. Yissum, has registered more than 10,750 patents covering more than 3,030 inventions; they licensed more than 1,050 technologies and produced more than 170 spin-offs. For the issue of medical cannabis and at the head of the Colombian Observatory of medicinal cannabis – CES- has established an alliance with The Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research. More information

Among the objectives of this alliance is to stimulate and coordinate interdisciplinary projects of basic and translational scientific research, aimed at better understanding how cannabinoids are involved in various pathological states through the use of preclinical and clinical, chemical, biological, agricultural and cellular research, both nationally and internationally and also encourage interactions with the international pharmaceutical industry with the aim of converting scientific achievements in the field of cannabis and cannabinoids in potential commercial value. We intend to be the most important ally of – Yissum- and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in America, becoming their business partners to promote research and innovation in the field of medicinal cannabis and its by-products