Code of ethics

The Colombian Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis will be governed by the ethical principles that guide the dissemination of research and good practices of researchers, therefore, it will be guided by the following guidelines:

  • Researchers are aware of our scientific and professional responsibility to society. In particular, we will be responsible for what is published, carefully considering the consequences that the making and dissemination of what is published imply for society in general.
  • In terms of scientific publications, OCCM researchers are obliged to avoid incurring deontological errors due to the following inaccuracies:
    a) Falsify or invent data in whole or in part
    b) Segar what has been published by other authors in whole or in part
  • Bibliographic sources will be cited as they have been used in the referred works, respecting copyright.
  • Researchers will proceed with scientific rigor ensuring the validity, reliability and credibility of their methods, sources and data. In addition, we will guarantee strict adherence to the veracity of the investigation at all stages of the process.
  • Researchers will disseminate and publish the results of research carried out in an environment of ethics, ideological pluralism and cultural diversity.
  • Researchers will establish transparent processes to identify conflicts of interest that involve the Colombian Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis.
  • The Colombian Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis will not receive financial support, or in kind from the Pharmaceutical company