1. Management Committee
    Director: Guillermo A. Castaño Pérez
    Doctor, Magister in Drug Addiction, Specialist in Dual Pathology, PhD in Health Psychology.
    • Technical Secretary: Heidy Johana Contreras Martínez
    QF, Master in Epidemiology, PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
    Academic Secretary : Diego Rojas Gualdron
    Psic, Magister in Neuropsychology, PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  2. scientific Comittee
    • Dr. Rubén Darío Manrique. Pharmaceutical Chemist, MGs and PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
    • Dra. Sandra Carrillo. Expert in medical cannabis
    • Dr. Orlando Carreño. Physician, Neuropediatrician
    • Dra. Paola Pineda. Expert in medical cannabis
    • Dr. Francisco Álvarez Divo. Expert doctor in medicinal Cannabis
    • Dra. Luz Ángela Rojas. Physician, Psychiatrist, MGs in Epidemiology and Public Health, PhD in Health Sciences
    • Dr. Diego Fernando Rojas Vahos. Pharmaceutical Chemist, Gs in Biology
    • Dra. Isabel Cristina Pérez Bacteriologist, MGs in Bioethics
    • Dr. Álvaro Ospina De los Ríos. Physician, Anesthesiologist
    • Dr. Juan Camilo Díaz. Internist
  3. Scientific advisory committee
    Dr. Ismael Galve Roperh. PhD. Complutense University. Spain.
    Dr. Donald Abrams. Integrative Oncologist, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine Professor in the Department of Medicine. University of California Hospital, USA
    Dr. Jorge Manzanares. PhD. Director of the Master's Degree in Translational Neuropsychopharmacology. Faculty of Pharmacy Miguel Hernández University (Spain).
    Dr John Reyes. QF - Budtender. University of Puerto Rico.
    Dra. Ma. Cecilia Scorza, PhD. Research Professor. Dept. Experimental Neuropharmacology Clemente Stable Biological Research Institute. Uruguay.
    Dra. Eva de Lago Femia. PhD Professor and Director of the Research Institute in Neurochemistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department Faculty of Medicine Complutense University of Madrid.
    Dr. Jaime Claudio Villamil. MD Family. Ad-Honorem Professor of Family Medicine at the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. Faculty member of the Certification Course for Doctors on Cannabic Medicine of the UPR and the College of Surgeons.
    Dra. Alline Cristina de Campos. PhD. Professor Department of Pharmacology. Ribeirao Preto Medical Shcoll. University of Sao Paulo.
    Dra. Raquel Peyraube. PhD. Faculty of Medicine University of the Republic of Uruguay. Director of Endocannabinology & Cannabinoid Medicines.
  4. Permanent guests
    A representative of the patients
    • A representative of the doctors
    • A representative of the Pharmaceutical industry
    • Ministry of Justice
    • Ministry of Health
    • Invima
    • National Narcotics Fund