General purpose

Implement the Medicinal Cannabis Observatory (OCM), in order to provide factual, objective, reliable and updated information regarding the uses, benefits and risks of marijuana derivatives for medicinal uses, based on available scientific evidence, in order to to support clinical decision making for better practice.

Specific objectives

  • Carry out the search and consolidation of scientific evidence related to the medicinal use of cannabis, through the creation of a virtual library.
  • Critically analyze the level of evidence for the use of medicinal cannabis.
  • Consolidate a network of knowledge in relation to the subject of medical cannabis.
  • Promote research in relation to the efficacy and safety of medicinal cannabis or its derivative products.
  • Promote the safe use and communication of the risk of cannabis-derived products
  • Provide information to different audiences, in relation to the medical use of cannabis derivatives, for better decision-making.
  • Support the development and scientific technical updating of professionals interested in medicinal cannabis
  • Promote intersectorality and collaboration between actors for the integration of information sources in the Health Information System.
  • Disseminate and communicate the evidence generated to patients, doctors, governments, institutions and companies interested in cannabis derivatives for medicinal use.
  • Create a virtual notification tool to report adverse effects related to medicinal cannabis products.
  • Consolidate an information system that provides data related to health services and supports surveillance in relation to the medicinal use of cannabis derivatives.
  • Construct tracer indicators that allow the evaluation and monitoring of the behavior of medicinal cannabis and its adverse effects.