Cosmetic ingredients

We invite you to know our cosmetic ingredients service line.

Cosmetic ingredients based on natural products

Cosmetic ingredients based on natural products
Advice on technological preparation of cosmetic ingredients based on natural products Through analysis and research we help you turn a raw raw material into a competitive cosmetic ingredient, according to international quality standards. We create the operational process necessary for the manufacture of the ingredient and the quality control analysis protocol, which is necessary for procedures before regulatory entities and for the approval of batches.

Stability tests

We check that our formulations do not change their properties or appearance due to time and climatic conditions. We perform appearance, color, odor, pH, viscosity, and concentration tests at time intervals established in regulatory protocols.

In vitro tests for safety and efficacy

We verify by means of alternative methods to experimentation with animals, that natural cosmetic ingredients are suitable for human use. We perform genotoxicity tests such as AMES test, Single cell gel electrophoresis, Micronuclei (MN), dermal, ocular irritation and corrosion tests,