Prototyping Laboratory

In the cosmetic prototyping laboratory of the CES University we have a technical-scientific team specialized in stability tests - safety and efficacy, technical consultancies, design and development of natural cosmetic ingredients and products; These services are based on quality standards (NTC-ISO / IEC 17025) and are executed under the good laboratory practices of the OECD (GLP-OECD); thus facilitating the development of competitive natural cosmetic ingredients and products in accordance with international regulations for each of the links in the value chain of the natural cosmetic sector.

Services briefcase

Our portfolio is divided into the following 2 lines of services:

  • Line of cosmetic ingredients based on natural products
  • Line of cosmetic products based on natural ingredients

The tests of our portfolio of services are carried out using alternative methodologies to animal experimentation and at the same time are respectful with the environment.