Cosmetic products

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Cosmetic products based on natural products

Cosmetic products based on natural ingredients
Design We create cosmetic products based on the principles of sustainable chemistry, the great Colombian biodiversity, on the needs and trends of the market.
Formulation We design cosmetic formulations adapted to the expectations and quality policies of our clients, based on quality standards and international norms. Both the ingredients and the production processes are respectful and friendly with the environment and in accordance with environmental standards such as COSMOS and ECOCERT.
Developing We not only give you the formula and the manufacturing process, we test and adjust them to deliver an optimal product
Stability tests We check that our formulations do not change their properties or appearance due to time and climatic conditions.
In vitro tests for safety and efficacy Through alternative methods to animal experimentation we test the safety and efficacy of our formulations.
Advice on packaging research According to the properties of each formulation we inform you which would be the materials, presentation and type of container that are best adapted and the appropriate storage conditions.