Competencies Training Center -CEC-

CES University, committed to excellence, makes the Competences Training Center -CEC- available, with unique logistical and technological characteristics in the country, which will allow all users to obtain the best results in academic training applying the highest standards quality.

The CEC has 14 cubicles that recreate hospital conditions in infrastructure and equipment, allowing the construction of simulation scenarios highly adjusted to reality, with first-rate technological help, for the visualization of the scenarios it has Gesell cameras that allow observing to the student during the performance of their tasks maintaining the environment of psychological safety for the student.

It also has state-of-the-art audiovisual systems, real-time recording, structured feedback rooms and also expert teachers in education based on this competency-based training model who accompany internal and external teachers and other users in the design of content, methodology and the most adequate curricular model for the achievement of objectives.

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