Business lab

With the Business Administration program we develop business laboratory exercises directly in organizations, through methodological strategies of: business micro-practice, company visits, participation in solving business challenges on virtual platforms and with different companies in the sector. Likewise, we offer our first-semester students business workshops, in order to bring them closer to the business reality.

The business micro-practice links students from the third semester onwards and consultants, for a maximum period of 3 months, in the solution of a business challenge, of an administrative, financial, marketing, production or human management nature. The students and consultant visit the organization to understand the challenge, collect information and present the construction of the proposal or improvement to the challenge presented.

Some micro-practices carried out are related to the optimization of inventories, profiling of managerial positions, elaboration of export plans, planning and execution of free-press campaigns, elaboration of a table of indicators (Dashboard) in real time for service sellers. , proposal for process management and realization of digital strategic plan, among other challenges.

The business workshops are aimed at first and second semester students of Business Administration, in which innovation and creativity exercises are carried out, as well as success and failure cases of entrepreneurs in the city.