First level online enrollment

If you wish to enroll in the first level of a language, select the level 1 offer and fill out the forms with the requested information.

Later you will receive an email with the user data and password to enter the University Extranet system, where you must enroll.

Enter the system Extranet With the username and password received, select the schedule offer for level 1, and proceed to make the payment online or print the invoice.

In case of not paying the invoice before the indicated payment date, you must go to the Language Center to eliminate your registration and invoice. Otherwise you will see a balance pending payment in the University.

Once you make the payment, your enrollment will be registered automatically, at the level, and selected time.

Enrollment to placement test

If you already have prior knowledge of the language and want to take a placement test, sign up, selecting any level higher than level 1 of the desired language.

You can pay the value of the placement test online or print the invoice.

Remember that you should always book your test appointment, after you have made the payment. You can make the reservation to the number (57) (4) 4440555, Ext. 1166, 1626, 1605. Or approaching the Language Center located in Block B, 5th floor, Universidad CES, El Poblado headquarters.