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In the midst of the health emergency that the country and the world are going through due to the coronavirus, a group of epidemiologists from the CES University of Medellín will voluntarily lend their knowledge for the epidemiological surveillance of 56 municipalities in Antioquia.

It is a group of 26 teachers and graduates of the CES University Epidemiology and Public Health graduate programs who, since April 1, began a work of voluntary support in response actions to the epidemic, under the coordination of the Sectional Directorate of Health (DSSA) of the Government of Antioquia.

“The advisors are available to guide the health teams of the municipalities to resolve the concerns in the study, management and follow-up of COVID-19 cases. They are the first line of advice for the municipalities and channel concerns and needs to the DSSA ”, explained Jorge Humberto Blanco Restrepo, professor of Public Health at the CES University School of Medicine.

The epidemiologists and health professionals will initially be advising, with the leadership of the DSSA, the health secretariats of the 56 municipalities, in the surveillance actions that the local health authorities must carry out, such as the identification, analysis, management and monitoring of the cases of contagion of COVID-19 that are reported in the populations.

"The counseling seeks to improve the response capacity of the Departmental Health Directorate towards the municipalities, not only to support them when cases appear, but to prepare them to respond in a timely manner when cases arise," added teacher Blanco Restrepo.

The orientation of the specialists is done on a permanent basis to address the concerns over the phone or virtually. When a visit to the municipalities is required, it is done by the permanent epidemiologists of the Departmental Health Secretariat.

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