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The restaurantN Cooking & Nutritionof the CES University of the El Poblado headquarters implemented the home service and "order and collect" food from its menu vacuum packed, a technique that allows lengthening the useful life of food, preserving the freshness of the product, intensifying its flavor and avoiding the development of microorganisms due to the absence of oxygen.

Thanks to our CESNUTRAL study center, we carry out innovation and research projects that contribute to improving food and nutrition processes. For this reason, in the institutional restaurant N Cocina & Nutrición we offer our menu, grill and desserts in individual vacuum-packed portions, which gives us the option of planning weekly meals since the products have a shelf life in refrigeration of approximately 8 days.”, Said Natalia Isabel Baena Heredia, manager of the restaurantN Cooking & Nutrition.

In the menu offered by the restaurant you can find typical Indian food that includes chickpea cream and Makani chicken; Italy with tomato cream and mixed lasagna; Colombia with beans and chicharrón; Mexico with corn tortilla and grilled chicken, among others. In addition, there is also a grill and dessert service. The prices of the dishes range between $ 13,000 and $ 45,000 (not including the address).Photography MEú italia vacuum packed restaurant N Cocina y Nutrición

Home and “ask and collect” services are subject to the biosafety regulations established by the national government and must be requested through WhatsApp 3112102235 one day in advance. Payment methods can be by electronic transfer, payment by dataphone and QR code.

If the order is to collect, that is, 'order and collect', the time in which the user must go through their order must be programmed, which will be delivered to the restaurant located in block C, third floor, El Poblado headquarters. If the order is at home, the order is subject to a delivery route between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm

It should be noted that the home delivery service covers the sectors of the city of Medellín such as: El Poblado, Laureles, Estadio and nearby areas, and in the municipality of Envigado in the urban area. The address has a value of $ 3,000 or $ 3,500 depending on the delivery area.

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