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Photograph of Dr. Yolanda Torres de Galvis

For Dr. Yolanda Torres de Galvis, founder of the Center of Excellence in Research in Mental Health - CESISM -, research and teaching are fundamental axes in her life, that is why on Teacher's Day, the Universidad del Rosario recognized her as distinguished teacher, for her dedication and dedication of a lifetime to these two branches.

Dr. Torres is a graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, founder of the CESISM of the CES University, and leader of the Mental Health Research Group of the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University classified by Colciencias with Group A1, she is also a teacher of said Faculty and has collaborated in the development of multiple research works, and has won several awards for his research work.

“At this age, receiving a distinction is less moving than in the first moments of life, when they are received in the first recognitions, but they are still a source of great joy. At this stage they appreciate each other, as a privilege that life gives us , ”said director Yolanda Torres.

She deeply believes in research as a contribution to our country, since advances in science and research allow her to know their realities and propose her own solutions; Therefore, he feels great pride in having lived the experience of training professionals and Masters in Epidemiology who continue with this important work.Photograph of Dr. Yolando Torres with her recognition at the Universidad del Rosario

This recognition fills Dr. Yolanda with pride and gratitude with the Universidad del Rosario, where for more than 20 years, through an agreement with our University, she has carried out important work promoting the training of researchers.

“It is very satisfying to be part of the training at the Master's and Specialization level in Epidemiology by training professionals who are a source of pride for our institutions. It is also the moment to remember experiences lived at the Javeriana University of Bogotá and next to one of the Founders of the CES University, Dr. Hernán Vélez, who marked my life and made me love research ” .

CES University congratulates her for this new recognition of a lifetime dedicated to teaching and research.

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