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English, Portuguese and Colombian sign language are some of the courses offered by the CES University Language Center in person; But due to the needs of students to have different alternatives for their education, the courses from 2020 will also be done virtually.

This virtual modality arose from the students' needs to have alternatives to study outside of the classroom, so that they can attend their studies without having to interrupt them and can also continue with their second language activities, that is, it gives them continuity in the process”, Said the coordinator of the Language Center, Camila Pinzón Valencia.

The virtual modality of the courses that the Language Center will offer will be done in conjunction with the Virtual CES platform, and the hourly intensity will be 38 hours per month that the student will handle according to their time availability.

“For the English course, the book will be included in the registration fee, so when the student enrolls in face-to-face or virtual mode, they will be given a pin to download the book; In addition, this is accompanied by an independent work platform so that the student can expand much more what they want to study and what they want to learn ”, concluded Camila Pinzón Valencia.

The virtual courses will have an assigned tutor who will meet with the student at least two hours a week from the platform to solve doubts and to evaluate speaking, writing and listening skills.

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