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If you believed that while academic and administrative activities are being developed virtually at CES University, another offer such as cultural, artistic and sports was going to be left out, you are wrong.

Non-stop, and with a variety of schedules and activities, the Office of Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development of the U transferred its yoga and dance classes, painting and music workshops, psychological appointments and even the accompaniment of scholarship recipients , all this and much more, in the virtual mode, in the midst of the contingency due to the coronavirus.

What is there to do? Here we made a list of some activities you can attend:

  • Psychological counseling to students for the management of emotions in times of emergency through virtuality. A team of professionals is ready to help you.
  • Support in psycho-pedagogical counseling through virtuality. Accompaniment is carried out in study methods and time management, very good impact.
  • Classes of artistic and cultural groups have been taught normally through virtuality.
  • Sports training of representative teams, each continues to enter from home through daily routines and reflective training.
  • The offer of virtual classes was opened through the CES University Gymnasium, with a very high participation of the university community and outsiders. There is a wide offer of different modalities.
  • The self defense course was started virtually.
  • The virtual yoga course was started through the CES Virtual platform.
  • The virtual physical conditioning course was started through the CES Virtual platform where different exercise routines are presented.
  • The virtual drawing course was started, with high participation from the university community.
  • The benefit delivery meeting was held for the selected members of the CES Solidarity Fund, through support for food, transportation and other benefits.

Find out more information on the social networks of the University and wellness @soybienestar @gimnasces or in the email

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