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From Editorial CES a new pocket tale was launched calledHug in Jepirawritten by Gabriel Arango Henao, a business administrator who, while practicing his profession, has been writing stories since 2009.

The text is a seven-page story where the Wayúu culture is intertwined with an event that will overwhelm Jinú, the protagonist of this story, showing us what death means for one of the oldest cultures of our continent.

Paperback cover photo, hug in jepira

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

I have a special appreciation for this story because it is the first of a work of 14 stories that will be published soon, this was the one that opened my eyes to that cosmogonic richness that we have in all our ancestral cultures and especially in Colombia. It is a wealth that we do not know and I want to put a grain of sand so that many come closer to it”, Commented Gabriel Arango Henao, author of the story.

This text is part of the projectTell us, pocket tales to share, in which the Editorial of our university is responsible for publishing stories written by anyone who wants to participate in the initiative. In addition, these stories are also illustrated by someone who has wanted to donate their drawings to set the story.

All the stories ofTell us, pocket tales to shareare published physically and virtually, in terms ofHug in Jepiraits physical version is expected to be published when sanitary conditions in the country allow it.

The virtual version is already online in the followinglink

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