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Professionals and experts from the retail sector from Europe, the US, Mexico, Chile and our country will meet in Medellín on December 1, 2 and 3 to talk about the experiences, challenges and challenges, from a global perspective that analyzes the impact and evolution of this industry, in the Virtual Latam Retail Congresshop Colombia, Chile and Central America.

It is a meeting that has the specific purposes of updating and incorporating new knowledge and international experiences and helping Colombian executives to develop and improve their business plans in order to compete and grow efficiently and contribute from the political and economic perspective of the countries in the region due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus.

For the organizers of the contest, the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University and America Retail, the first online community in Latin America, the agenda will focus on 3 focuses: the different retail formats (convenience channel, supermarkets, home improvement, ecommerce, shopping centers, department stores, specialist stores); the different key functions in the business operation (for example, shopper marketing, customer experience, supply chain, artificial intelligence, innovation, logistics, etc.); the businesses or categories that grow the most positively impacting the industry as a whole (for example, textile & fashion, luxury, pets, leisure & entertainment, senior citizens, technology, healthy food and others).

“Companies in the Retail and Mass Consumption sector, like many other industries around the world, have been strongly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so we will soon face a great process of reconstruction and transformation, a process that brings us great challenges of business management, which must be specified in being able to protect and promote competitive and profitable companies in the short, medium and long term ”, expressed Oscar Berrío Díaz, dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the U. CES.

With this type of space, the alliance between CES University and América Retail subscribed for the development of academic activities, business exchanges between Colombia and Chile. In addition, it aims to develop value propositions that are differentiating and of high value, in this case, perceived by increasingly demanding consumers and clients, as well as that are of increasing value and social impact.

The Virtual Latam Retail Congresshop Colombia, Chile and Central America will have the support of allied institutions such as: Mayor's Office of Medellín, Medellín Convention Bureu, Fenalco Antioquia, Fenalco Valle del Cauca, Latin American Association of Supermarkets (ALAS), Colombian Retail Association (ACR) , Colombian-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, Latin American Association of Visual Merchandising (ALVM) and the Association of Colombian Shopping Centers.


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