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Photography: Allergy Alimentaria, the new book from Editorial CES

Photography: Courtesy Caterine Henao Roldán

Food Allergy, practical nutritional aspects, is the new book from Editorial CES written by Caterine Henao Roldán, professor at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences at CES University.

In it, the author deals with issues related to allergic reactions, in children and adults, caused by food, as well as the nutritional management that should be given to them and the ways in which product labels should be read to detect components that may generate a reaction of this type and that the purchase decision can be safe.

The main thing is the most common food allergies (cow's milk, egg, soy, wheat, nuts, seafood), how to manage them, what foods to exclude and what options are there to replace those foods”, Explained the teacher Henao Roldán.

The book has 19 chapters spread over 168 pages. The author added that there are sections dedicated to celiac disease or gluten intolerance, nickel allergy and the indications for mothers who breastfeed their babies and cannot consume cow's milk.

Caterine Henao Roldán is a nutritionist graduated from the School of Nutrition and Dietetics of the University of Antioquia, with a master's degree in Child Nutrition from the International University of Andalusia Spain, and is currently studying a specialization in Mental Health of Children and Adolescents at the Faculty of CES University Psychology. For 10 years they have been investigating issues associated with those of the book that has just been published and to which he dedicated 15 months of work.

According to the teacher, the motivation to write the book was born from the perception that health personnel require training to provide alternatives to the families of a patient with a food allergy. Coupled with this, the author had already published an Allergy Manual in 2013, which had been very well received.

For those interested, the book can be ordered on the CES Editorial page in this link with a cost of 52,000 Colombian pesos, as a launch price.

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