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Photo of Andres Trujillo, new director of the CES clinic

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The Board of Directors of the CES Clinic informs that Dr. Andrés Trujillo Zea was appointed General Director of the institution, a position he assumes as of March 2, 2020, replacing Dr. Mauricio Jaramillo Merino, who after 29 years in office will enjoy his retirement from work .
Dr. Trujillo Zea is a doctor graduated from CES University, specialist in Management of Institutions that Provide Health Services and Public Health. Master in Administration from Eafit University.

In his professional experience, he served as academic and teaching coordinator at the CES University School of Medicine. Later, he assumed the General Directorate of the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine (ICMT) in 2003. In 2016 he was appointed as Executive Director of the TECNOVA Corporation, in which he carried out science, technology and innovation projects in the country.

More than two years ago, Dr. Andrés Trujillo Zea joined the CES Clinic as medical director, which allowed him to get to know the institution and the health sector, acquiring tools to perform his new role in which he will lead a team of more than 800 persons.

From the General Directorate of the CES Clinic, Dr. Trujillo Zea aims to continue the project that began with the Board of Directors. Among the challenges are incorporating innovation to respond to the great challenges of the health system, developing highly complex health services, high quality Accreditation with a view to certifying the institution as a university hospital; and recognition and positioning at a national and international level.

In addition, strengthen clinical research and work to comply with the institutional vision: to be a sustainable, entrepreneurial and innovative Clinic, recognized for excellence in the humanized provision of health services, high complexity and the generation of new knowledge.

The CES Clinic wishes you every success in this great challenge you are taking on today, trusting in your experience and your commitment to the CES Organization.

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