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Graphic piece from 'Carrera Design'

The CES University Alumni Office launched on May 21 a new service for last semester students and graduates of the Institution with the support of the Center for Evaluation and Measurement - CESMIDE - and Comfama, which received the name of 'Career design'.

This new project consists of an occupational orientation, supported by psychotechnical tests and an appointment with a CESMIDE counselor, who will provide feedback on the tests where data such as strengths and weaknesses of the user are shown.

Image referring to a job interview

“The steps to access this service are: first register the resume at the following link ; Once you have completed the resume, contact the Graduate Office to make an appointment with the counselor; and finally, fill out the psychotechnical tests that are sent to the email. Very simple steps ” , added the coordinator of the Graduate Office, Marcela Lopera Londoño.

The results of these tests are intended to guide users in one of these three lines: entrepreneurship, where the professional creates a company; Self-employment is the activity of a person who works for himself directly, who directs, manages and obtains income from them; and finally, employability, that is, being hired by a company.

The coordinator Lopera Londoño, explained "These results are important because they will allow them to get to know each other a little more, and be more accurate in describing the profile of the resume and better face a job interview."

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