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As of January 2020, the only way to obtain benefits and discounts in parking lots will be through the use of the Try My Ride sustainable mobility app, and it will be done through a points system.

Try My Ride is an application that the CES University acquired thinking about the benefit of the university community, so that not only CO2 emissions are reduced by 10%, but it can also contribute to sustainable mobility and reduce the cost of employee travel.

The App can be downloaded from the App Store for cell phones with the IOS operating system, or Play Store for Android. When entering the Try My Ride App, a prior registration must be made with the institutional mail and then the route and the means of transport that the user is going to use is selected; if it is by public transport, private car, bicycle or walking.

Obtaining points to be a beneficiary of the discounts is very easy: 1 point will be assigned for each published trip (even if no employee or student gets in the car), and 1 point for each person who gets in the car and makes the trip.

The driver will be able to track his score, through the ranking: “Within the application there is the ranking option, which can be consulted in the App on the left hand side by clicking on the menu, and, through this, the driver can track his score; each publication and each trip made, earn points ", said Sandra Milena Velásquez Peña, assistant to the Sustainability Office.

Discounts will be given to the top 40 in the ranking. If you have a score between 33 to 44 points, you get a 30% discount on the value of the parking space for a month. Those who obtain more than 45 points will have a 100% discount during the month following the ranking. The 50% discount for hybrid vehicles (electric and gas), 100% for electric vehicles, is also in force.

Since its implementation in April, we have avoided 1,121 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to 40 planted trees and the saving of money in parking lots and public transport is $ 3,175,200 pesos, with 120 hours saved in travel ”,Sandra Milena Velásquez Peña concluded.

Forty people will be awarded each month, and the award will be paid by John Fredy Henao Durando, security leader at CES University, who will apply the discount.

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