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The care of food and the measured purchase of basic products at home is of the utmost importance, for this reason the Digital Links Bulletin spoke with the professor of Nutrition and Dietetics of our Institution, Faiber Jaramillo Yepes to provide us with some guidelines on how do it.

As for fruits and vegetables, you should not buy large quantities, you have to calculate how much can be lightly chopped and stored in the refrigerator and how much can be at room temperature to be consumed in the following days.

Regarding dairy products, it is important to recognize those that are ultra pasteurized, which are those that require refrigeration only after opening, and those that are pasteurized that always require refrigeration.

On the other hand, canned products or with covering liquid such as tuna, sardines, vegetables, fruits, should not be consumed in excess, this due to the high caloric intake and the anti-nutritional components that they can have naturally at times, indicated the teacher .

Photography of groceries inside plastic jars in the kitchen

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The "semis" cheeses as they are semi-fat, semi-hard, semi-skimmed, are a great replacement for fresh cheeses, since they have greater durability. In addition, with bakery products, it must be taken into account that they are very perishable, so large quantities should not be purchased.

It is important that when you open a milling product such as cookies, do not forget to close the packaging in an airtight way to avoid the presence of moisture that could allow the growth of molds and cause hardening of the product”, Commented the teacher Faiber Jaramillo Yepes.

Common products like arepas can be distributed in several specific units per package to keep one quantity in the freezer and another quantity ready for consumption in the following days. This also applies to meat, chicken and fish. Also avoid the cycles of freezing, thawing and refreezing so as not to affect the product. It is recommended to defrost in refrigeration, taking the product that was in freezing from the previous day or applying temperature with the microwave.

"It is essential to be aware of the amounts of food to be purchased, no matter if you have the resources to buy many products, you must buy what is necessary, " concluded the teacher.

Maintain good hygiene habits when handling food, remember to wash your hands or wear gloves, disinfect and clean food, do not talk or cough about it and do not smoke while cleaning it, these are some recommendations that They will help prevent contagion and keep household supplies in good condition.

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