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The Higher Education Institutions of Antioquia need assistance protocols for the cases that are being registered of sexual and gender violence within the institutions.

For this reason, ASCUN and the Ministry of Education met on October 10, in the Aula Máxima Alfonso Escobar Rojas of the CES University, to talk with the different welfare representatives of the universities and contribute to the attendance protocols and guidelines. 75 delegates from the universities of Antioquia, Manizales and Pereira were invited to this event with the aim of investigating the attendance protocols for cases of sexual or gender violence within the institutions, in order to establish a statute that helps to strengthen and shelter all victims of harassment within Higher Education Institutions.

People gathered in the Aula Máxima

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

"In this event, what is sought is to receive inputs from the welfare representatives and from the representatives of the legal offices of the institutions in this case of Antioquia, to contribute and give inputs so that the Ministry of Education can can build these guidelines , "said Javier Mauricio Gaona Páez, Communications Coordinator of the Colombian Association of Universities ASCUN.

For cases of sexual and gender violence that are presented at the CES University, Institutional Welfare and Human Development has an attention route and protocol, where psychological attention is provided.

"The protocols are already structured, what is being done is dissemination with the psychologists because they are the ones who are receiving the situation first-hand specifically at the student level, it should be remembered that the CES University is not a judicial entity, we provide advice psychological to know the situation of the student and according to what he tells us, we simply refer to the city routes. The cases are always going to be presumptive, they are a concrete fact when a judge determines the specific situation that is being presented, ” said Melisa Vega Ramirez, psychologist for Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development.

In the event that people in the university community feel violated, they can go to the Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development line 4440555 ext 1441


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