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Photography electroline station entrance parking building B

Annually, the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley experiences two stages of climatological transition, times in which environmental authorities have been forced to take preventive measures to improve air quality. And CES University is no stranger to this situation.

Regarding environmental prevention, we continue to promote different actions among the university community and strengthen the strategies that we have had for some time:

Photo of student entering the University on an electric bike• Use of hybrid and electric vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles with free recharging at our electric station. This year we will have two new electric stations with bike parking in building C and in the IPS CES Sabaneta.

• Use of conventional and electric bicycles, owned and rented.

• Carpool billboard located at the electric station, and the Carpool App returns, after the pilot in 2018 we have a new ally.

• Use of business routes.

• Benefits for parking (when entering the university with 3 people there is a discount and when it comes with the full quota, that is, 5 people, there is no parking charge).

Thanks to actions like these, between 2017 and 2018, the University had a reduction of 7 tons (year) of CO2 in direct emissions due to a reduction in gasoline and diesel consumption. This thanks to the implementation of the Sustainable Business Mobility Plan, and with the signing of the "SOS by air" pact, it committed itself to a 10% reduction in emissions this year.

"We invite you not to be reactive but to adopt sustainable mobility habits with which, in addition to caring for the environment, we take care of our health," said Tatiana Molina Velásquez, Head of Sustainability.

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