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An alliance that seeks to benefit the runners registered for the 25th edition of the Medellín Marathon 2019, signed the Medellín Marathon, 'Pioneer of street tests in Colombia' and the CES University, an institution of higher education accredited in high quality of the Antioquia capital, with a recognized track record in areas related to health and sports.

This alliance offers benefits to those who are already officially registered to participate in the competition that this year celebrates its silver anniversary. It is about a series of complementary medical services and a conference agenda, dictated by professionals from CES University. The theme will be related to sports practice, the physical preparation of athletes, so that they can have a better performance in races and prevent health complications of the participants during the competition.

The first talk, "Principles of physical planning in running", was given at the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the El Poblado campus of the University. The conference addressed generalities of the prescription of physical exercise focused on running and preparatory training methodology for middle distance races.

The next talks will be given this August 15 on how to recognize sudden death; eating before, during and after exercise will be the theme of the conference on August 17th.

In total there will be eight conferences between June and August at the CES University and two more at Expo Runner Medellín, on September 6 and 7, at the Yellow Pavilion in Plaza Mayor Medellín, where the kit will be delivered to those registered in the race.


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