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The doors of the Fundadores Library of the CES University are opened once again, as usual for 15 years, for the renowned Medellín International Poetry Festival, next Wednesday, July 3 at 11:00 am.

The International Poetry Festival was born in Medellín in 1990, the most violent time due to the presence of drug cartels, when violence in the city was one of the highest in the world, and as a kind of response to the series of homicides , the Festival was created, which this year celebrates the 29th edition.

Photograph of the poets of the Festival of the year 2018

"Always, each year, we are an alternate venue for the Festival, so a total of 4 poets will come: one from Bulgaria, another from Aruba, one from Armenia (a Euro-Asian country) and a Colombian poet ," said the head of the Department. of Humanities from CES University, John Wilson Osorio. The invited poets in this edition are: Luisa Fernanda Trujillo (Colombia), Quito Nicolaas (Aruba), Sona Van (Armenia), Kiril V. Merjanski (Bulgaria).

The head of the Department of Humanities clarified “Poets are free to read their poetry, they come and declaim their poetry or dance, interpret or recreate it because it depends on the style of each poet. They don't always just recite it ”.

The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Government of Antioquia, the Municipality of Medellín, and some universities such as Antioquia, Eafit and CES.

“As we are finally a University that must spread and create culture, then it is in our DNA and in our heart to support the International Poetry Festival. In addition, we want Medellín to know that the CES University is interested in cultural issues and, above all, we are very interested in poetic culture , "said, finally, the chief John Wilson Osorio.

Entrance to this event is totally free.

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