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Photo: Global Affairs Office

The CES Sin Fronteras: Brazil fair, organized by the Office of Global Affairs, was in charge of bringing the best of Brazil to CES University, as a way to boost interest in its culture, its language and the opportunities it provides for those who seek an exchange or want to visit the largest country in South America.

There were 8 talks that were held from September 14 to 18 through the Zoom application, in which they talked about the importance of Brazil for the CES University, its cultural richness (samba classes, talk about traditional music), gastronomy ( cooking feijoada), sports (soccer as a representative phenomenon) the job opportunities it has in sectors such as health and veterinary medicine and the ease of learning Portuguese.

“In the case of the language, those who know Spanish make it easier to learn Portuguese, since it is a Romance language (derived from Latin) and there are many coincidences. Anyone who wants to learn Portuguese can do it with discipline in a year and a half or two years ”, explained Isabel Gómez Bedoya, coordinator of the CES University Language Center.

Samuel Alberto Medina Luna, exchange coordinator for the Global Affairs office, added that the opportunity to do an exchange is a professional and mental investment to interact with new academic, linguistic and cultural horizons and expand the network of contacts that can be had in a future.

"This is a possibility of being an ambassador, not only of the country from which it comes, but of the institution and the culture that we come to represent when we leave our place of origin", highlighted the coordinator Medina Luna.

According to data from the CES University Statistical Bulletin, 67 students from the institution have left Colombia for Brazil in the last 8 years to do internships, attend international events or as a rotation of the Medicine program.

Students interested in doing an exchange can enter to the link to learn more about how to do it.

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