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Photograph music with your heart rate

Photography: Courtesy Geraldine Jiménez Pérez

Translate heart sounds to musical sound”, That is the objective of the research project of Geraldine Jiménez Pérez, a nursing student in the last semester of CES University, who presented her work at the last Departmental Seedbed Meeting organized by RedColsi.

This project, one of the five presented by the Faculty of Nursing, obtained a score of 92 out of 100 possible points and was ranked as one of the best qualified among the 20 works presented by the CES University.

The student told the Digital Links Bulletin that she was interested in advancing her research based on the musical vocation that she has cultivated in parallel with her studies, since she is a double bass player.

Geraldine's musical history begins at the age of twelve when she decides to attend the Music School of the Bostón neighborhood, central eastern Medellín. In the beginning he began to play the viola, an instrument that he replaced by the double bass, the second largest instrument in the string family. In his career as an artist he also learned to play the piano and was part of three voice choirs.

After starting her university career, her love for music made her pay attention to Semiology class. There they were taught to listen to the heart of a patient with heart disease to detect abnormalities. She, interested in what she was listening to, could not help but feel in the beats a kind of secret harmony that could well guide the rhythm of an orchestra.

My project seeks to be a therapeutic tool for patients with heart disease to adhere to pharmacological treatment that allows them to control their difficulties, because not doing so brings complications that can end in death.”, The student explained.

According to Geraldine, being aware of the problems of this organ through listening to its sound in a musical composition, can make people accept and monitor its treatments better. In addition, she expressed that she is interested in consolidating the idea that nursing is a profession that can also create art.

Giselly Matagira Rondón, Research Coordinator of the Faculty of Nursing, expressed her satisfaction with the results obtained by works such as Geraldine's and indicated that 11 of the projects presented by the University will also be at the National Meeting of Seedbeds.

Geraldine is currently in search of funding that allows her to take heart sounds to a professional studio to turn into music. This through a stethoscope (instrument to listen to the heart rhythm) that allows you to record the pulsations produced by this vital organ.

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