For the second semester of 2020, CES University teachers will have to adjust their virtual classrooms in order to continue supporting each other. For this reason, the Virtual CES area created the Virtual Billboard, where teachers will be able to find everything they need to adjust or create the 'classroom' to suit them.

At the beginning of the contingency, virtual emergency classrooms were activated without meeting the minimum requirements established by CES Virtual, this in order to facilitate the development of certain activities, but for the second semester all these spaces must be adjusted”, said Catalina Calle Pineda, head of CES Virtual.

Teachers have until June 22 to make adjustments, after this date Virtual CES will be checking that all classrooms comply with what is necessary and if some do not, it will be turned off until it complies with what is required.

People who wish to enter the Billboard can do so through the following link himself with the access data that he regularly enters the virtual classroom platform.

It is vitally important that all teachers have well-structured virtual classrooms, which allow the student to move in them intuitively, to be clear about what to do with the study materials and activities that are left in these spaces.”, Commented the head of CES Virtual.

When adjustments are made or a virtual classroom is created, it is important that the teacher notify their coordinator and Virtual CES, thus ensuring that their classroom is not turned off.

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