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The Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Research (CECIF) is celebrating its birthday, it is now 23 years in which this institution has been conducting research with pharmaceutical products, food and cosmetics, always in partnership with the industrial sector and supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The CECIF that is located in the Sabaneta headquarters of our University provides different services, some of them are the design and development of products, quality control tests and studies of stability and / or shelf life of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. , according to WHO (World Health Organization); bioequivalence studiesInVitro; bioequivalence and bioavailability studiesInVivo; cosmetic efficacy and safety trials, it is also a practice place for undergraduate, master and doctoral students of our University.

To find out a little more about what CECIF has done in these 23 years, the Links Bulletin spoke with Diego Fernando Rojas Vahos, general director of the Research Center, and Sol Beatriz Castro Arango, technical director of the same.

In these 23 years since CECIF we have made contributions to the Science, Technology and Innovation System through the formulation, administration and execution of projects presented jointly with research groups from universities, entrepreneurs or industries of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sector that have allowed to carry out research, design and development of products, improvements to products and processes that have generated benefits in the health sector ", highlighted Mr. Rojas.

In addition, the technical director spoke about the studies that are carried out with the industries of the pharmaceutical sector.

Photograph of CECIF laboratory and scientists

Photography: Courtesy Sol Beatríz Castro Arango

From the center we carry out cosmetic efficacy and safety studies and bioequivalence and bioavailability studies in medicines, conducting quality control tests that ensure the effectiveness of raw materials, in-process and finished products "commented Mrs. Castro.

During this time of health contingency that we are living; CECIF was granted a provisional permit by INVIMA for the manufacture of antibacterial gel and it was therefore in charge of the manufacture of approximately 10,000 antibacterial gels to distribute at the headquarters and support the biosafety protocols implemented by our University.

People who want to know a little more about CECIF can enter theirwebsite.

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