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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Through the Language Center of the CES University, the first certification was carried out in the Pedagogy and Didactics of Foreign Languages Program, which seeks to provide training to language teachers in pedagogy tools and teaching techniques.

Isabel Cristina Gomez, a teacher at the Language Center, explained that the central objective of the program is to “strengthen the skills of teachers both in didactics and in pedagogy, going through different moments, starting with a historical journey through the different theories to learn a foreign language, going through the principles of neuropedagogy, following through an observation didactics and finally the evaluation part ”.  

"We sought to bring teachers closer to the different applications of neuropedagogy and the exercise of multiple intelligences, this in order to implement it and improve class environments where a pleasant environment is generated for teachers and students with a view to excellence ” Added Liseth Yohana Rivera, teacher at the Language Center.

The Pedagogy and Didactics of Foreign Languages program was carried out with an hourly intensity of 38 hours, which consisted of 28 face-to-face hours and 10 autonomous virtual hours where teachers interacted through activities.

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