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From the Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development area of the CES University, the Sustainability area and the CES Solidarity Fund, different activities are being developed focused on the university community, in order to carry out this quarantine in better conditions.

“Through the CES Solidarity Fund of the University, it was possible to identify some students who present psychological or economic problems and they are being given financial aid, food, loans of work tools or accommodation if it is a foreign student that he could not return to his city, ” said Carolina Cardona Álvarez, coordinator of university social promotion.

So far, 199 students have benefited from food, transportation and accommodation provided by the University, through the Welfare Office.

“The CES University has helped me with a rental contribution, which I am using for my food. In a few words, I am grateful from the heart to the University and to my classmates who have accompanied me at this time that I am far from my family ”, highlighted the student Gelen Paola López Márquez.

Photo of student in conference by Zoom with the wellness area

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

For its part, to avoid delays and continue with the normal development of academic activities in a virtual way, Institutional Wellbeing has also lent 39 computers to students who have requested them.

In my case, I am a student and a mother at the same time, the help that Institutional Welfare has given me on behalf of the CES have been great, since they provided me with a computer to follow my virtual classes and be able to carry out the work”, Thanked the student Silvia Carolina Guerra Ortiz.

For students who wish to apply for tool loans or seek some kind of help, they can consult it in the Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development

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