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Veterinarians from CES University in Jericó

Photography: Courtesy Diego Zuluaga

Veterinarians from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics assisted 160 animals affected by the emergencies that occurred in the municipality of Apartadó, and days later in Jericó.

The San José de Apartadó river overflowed after 5 hours of rain, therefore, 12 neighborhoods in this municipality entered a red alert for flooding. While in Jericó a landslide due to the rains left 12 neighborhoods of the affected population with mud and debris.

Upon arrival in Apartadó on October 28, 2019, veterinarians from CES University found an average of 300 animals in three shelters located in the Consejo, Alfonso López and Las Brisas neighborhoods. The stall of the Asociación de Horses Carretilleros de Apartadó was flooded and the horses were affected with respiratory problems such as pneumonia.

“The population of dogs and cats was not estimated, but an average of 300 animals had been taken to the three shelters; and the idea with these animals was to stabilize them, provide them with medical care and help distribute food in the flood zones, which were 12 neighborhoods in the municipality of Apartadó, ” said Diego Zuluaga Araque, MVZ teacher and leader of the care mission. animal.

Days after the emergency in Apartadó, on November 4 in the municipality of Jericó a landslide left 1,000 people affected and 12 affected sectors, including La Comba, San Francisco and Avenida del Liceo.

The team of veterinarians from the University arrived to Jericó, led by Dr. Diego Zuluaga Araque, the veterinary graduate of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics Sara Ramírez Uribe and two students in rotation to help the affected animals.

“What we found was that there were dogs from the disaster area that had to be evacuated and were taken to a school where there was a shelter. In that school we examined 10 dogs and three cats ” , added Dr. Zuluaga Araque.

A total of 140 dogs and 25 cats were accumulated in the two shelters set up by the municipality. Food and medicine were collected for the animals, and a relocation is expected since many of them are in the annexed school of the Superior Normal of Jericó.

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