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Committed to the conservation and protection of the environment, the Editorial of the CES University of Medellín participates for the first time with books protected with Kraft paper, replacing the heat-sealing of plastic packaging, and a stand entirely made with cardboard, this in the 13 of the Medellín Book and Culture Festival, which takes place between September 6 and 15.

There are a total of 38 titles including short stories, fiction novels, academic texts that Editorial CES brings to the Medellín Book and Culture Festival this year.

"The short-term purpose of the Editorial is that all books migrate from plastic packaging to a Kraft-type paper cover, which is biodegradable. It is important to clarify that the use of this paper is biodegradable, that is, reusable ”, said Roger David Sánchez Bravo, coordinator of Editorial CES.

Editorial CES book with biodegradable cover

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The challenges of medicine, a text where the author analyzes the role and crisis of the health system in Colombia; Plural Bioethics III, a book that brings together philosophers, anthropologists and doctors around bioethics; and From Censorship to Ethics, a document that contributes to the dialogue between mental health and psychoanalysis, are the first works that stopped using plastic on their covers and migrated to biodegradable elements.

Also, for the first time the Publishing House launched a book at the Party. It was the title, On the other side of the tunnel, by the author Alejandra García, fictional stories, which was presented to the general public in the auditorium of the Medellín Planetarium on Monday, September 9.

For 2019, at the Medellín Book and Culture Festival, our stand is made of recyclable material, in cardboard. In addition to this, talk bags are not delivered for the purchase of books, but reusable cloth bags.

The Editorial CES stand is located in the university tent on Carabobo avenue of the Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden in Medellín.

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