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Photography CESRadio- spotify

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The music and podcast platform, Spotify, with more than 271 million users, will now be the place where you can find the programs created by CES Radio, the institutional radio station of CES University.
Since October 1, people have found the contents of the station on the popular music platform, which already has hosted two of its most recent special programs: In the heart of the pandemic and Musical Voices.
“Our presence in Spotify is due to wanting to expand the broadcasting channels of the station's programs. We feel that we have the relevant, quality content and information to be there, and it is also an opportunity to broaden the audience that wants to listen to us, ”said David Bentham Arias, coordinator of CES Radio.

The coordinator added that, although the programs are already hosted on the Ivoox platform, Spotify offers the opportunity to reach a younger audience. In addition, he indicated that all the programs will be hosted there, but will be progressively uploaded week after week.

“For CES Radio to be on Spotify is to reach the major leagues, it is to jump onto a platform that is positioned in all corners of the world. In addition, as is the case with Voces del Reino Animal, they come with very good and varied inputs, with about 240 podcasts to consult, ”said Alina Berrío Betancur, director of the Voces del Reino Animal program.

Those interested in listening to the programs should register with Spotify from any device and search there for the contents uploaded by CES Radio.

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