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The programs of the institutional station of the CES University on the internet, CES Radio, had a turnaround in 2020 in the issues they dealt with after the arrival of the pandemic in the country.

This is the case of Movimiento Saludable (Faculty of Physiotherapy) and Psiconéctate (Faculty of Psychology), which dedicated several of their broadcasts to address issues of the pandemic associated with confinement, exercise and teleworking from home, the stigmas of patients with COVID-19 or the role of psychologists and physiotherapists in the pandemic.

For Movimiento Saludable, a program created in 2015 and directed by the teacher and physiotherapist Ana María Arias Pérez, the approach to the pandemic went through the recommendations of work at home, the role of the physiotherapist to care for a patient with COVID-19, the adjustments to the space to be able to have comfort while working and the practice of physical exercise in isolation.

“From physiotherapy we evaluate body movement in order to preserve and optimize it. Addressing issues from there in the pandemic is important because we are seeing that long periods of inactivity and sedentary lifestyle generate physical deconditioning in people or problems or musculoskeletal conditions may appear due to poor posture at work, among others ”, explained the teacher Arias Pérez .

For its part, Psiconéctate, which was created in 2018 and is directed by teachers and psychologists Catalina Betancur Betancur and Daniel Espinosa Duque, focused on mental health problems arising from the pandemic, suicide, and domestic violence.

Within the topics discussed, dialogues have been generated about the psychological dimensions associated with COVID-19: feelings of anguish or guilt, stigmatization and anxiety related to the positive diagnosis; the psychosocial effects of confinement, teleworking or the challenges of sudden virtualization”, Explained the teacher Espinosa Duque.

According to psychologists, the appearance of these problems is due to the fact that it is an unexpected crisis, for which there were no tools to deal with it.

This situation, which was unexpected and for which we were not prepared, represented changes in educational processes, coexistence at home, economic and work stability, among others, that compromise the physical and mental health of all people. Along with contagion management, mental health issues are a priority”Explained the psychologist Betancur.

To consult the programs you can access CES Radio . In addition, all your programs will be uploaded to the platform Spotify for your reference.

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