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Photography: Office of Communication and Marketing

CES University presents two new digital platforms, EC Virtual and CES Digital. Seeking to facilitate online education and communication between students, teachers and have an offer that meets the needs of the market.

The implementation of the EC Virtual and CES Digital platforms is due to the needs of the market and the particularities that each training process has.

That is why Virtual CES will be dedicated to formal education (undergraduate and graduate), Virtual EC to continuing education (seminars, courses, diplomas) and Digital CES to self-manageable training process such as MOOCs (massive and open online courses ). Bringing benefits in the offer of courses and favoring the training processes.

Virtual CES used to be a single platform that contained all types of training, but now we have independent platforms adjusted tooffer alternative training spaces ”,states Catalina Calle Pineda, head of the Virtual CES Office.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the Virtual CES platform was updated, bringing new functionalities that make browsing more agile. One of the most relevant changes can be seen in their "personal area" where students and teachers will have the possibility to see their list of courses, recent courses, calendar of upcoming activities to expire, relevant information published by the University, among others. .

“The new changes implemented in Virtual CES have made access easier. When you enter the main page, recent courses are shown and you do not have to search from the profile, optimizing time. The presentation of the courses makes them easy to use for us students ” , says Sofía Sánchez Arcila, a sixth-semester student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics.

If you want to know the educational platforms you can go to the following links: for EC Virtual,
CES Digital, CES Virtual The three platforms operate with the same access data, in the case of teachers they enter with the information from their institutional email. Students use their identification number as a user and the same as the institutional email password.

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