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Photograph of Portland Cement Sample

With 13 students from the Biomedical Engineering and Physical Engineering programs of the CES and EAFIT University respectively, the first inter-institutional seedbed of our University was created, where the work topic is transversal to engineering, medicine and basic sciences.

Its about Portland cement seedbed where the biological and mechanical properties of said cement are studied, with the objective of seeking health applications developed with engineering technology in the field of medicine and engineering, comment the students who are members of the seedbed.

Photograph of a sample of Portland cement

The goal of this research team is to develop products for bone repair applications, from low-cost, but technologically advanced materials such as this Portland cement.”, Said the professor of Biomedical Engineering at CES University, Diego Alejandro Velásquez Puerta.

The first meeting of this group was for the interest of the students to carry out interdisciplinary studies, where teachers Claudia Palacio, from EAFIT University, and Diego Velásquez, from our CES University, got involved in order to guide the students and ended by create this space for research and innovation.

What the students and teachers belonging to this seedbed are looking for is that this Portland cement was able to replace the bone and seal fractures, adapting this material to the morphology of the bone.

The meetings of this seedbed are every week, in the different facilities of both universities, leaders in research and innovation in the region.

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