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Thanks to the rigor and quality of the information collection instruments used, this study will be part of the results of the World Mental Health Survey of the World Health Organization (WHO), which collects records in about 40 countries .

The Ministry of Health of the capital of Antioquia and the CES University will begin the Second Mental Health Study of Medellín, which will allow a comprehensive diagnosis of the mental health situation for the general population and have updated data on the city. With the results obtained, it will be possible to carry out analyzes, formulate policies and create intervention strategies according to the identified challenges.

The study will have the same methodology applied in the WHO Survey and will have the support of the Center of Excellence in Research in Mental Health (CESISM) of the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University. It will also have the support of Dr. Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola and Dr. Ronald Kessler of Harvard University, who for more than two decades have worked for mental health around the world and are part of the advisory team for the World Survey.

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For the Secretary of Health, Claudia Arenas, “having up-to-date results is a very valuable input for decision-making in public health and thus being able to direct interventions towards the highest risk groups, allowing to define actions, focus efforts and optimize resources. Furthermore, the figures allow us to monitor the issue in the city, since the last study was from 2011 ”.

For her part, Yolanda Torres de Galvis, the researcher and director of the Center for Excellence in Mental Health Research at the CES University, “the problem of depression worldwide shows us that it is serious, but the indicators that we manage here in Medellín show that it is much more serious. And the most painful thing is that the WHO had predicted that over there in 2020, and we are in 2019, it could greatly affect youth groups. This prediction is already a reality and this leads us to the need that together the academy with health care we seek solutions for our society ”.

Topics such as the risk of suicide, the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances, violence and coexistence, stress and the treatment of mental health problems, are some of the aspects that the study will include in Medellín.


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