On June 23, 1980, the CES Clinic was founded in the Prado neighborhood of Medellín, as a non-profit institution, committed to the well-being of patients and the training of suitable professionals, for the provision of medium-sized health services. and high complexity, based on human, ethical and scientific quality.

The celebration of these four decades reflects the consolidation of a Clinic specialized in diagnoses, treatments and procedures in specialties and subspecialties such as: gastroenterology, cardiology, hepatobiliary surgery, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics, among others.

The CES Clinic is the first institution in Medellín that has the INVIMA Certification in Good Practices of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence, to carry out studies that allow comparing the behavior and effects of generic drugs with innovative drugs.

In 2019, the CES Clinic achieved more than 280,000 visits, highlighting: 11,500 surgeries, 43,000 emergency room consultations and 48,000 imaging tests. In addition, it has 215 beds, two hemodynamic rooms, an advanced endoscopy service and nine operating rooms equipped with the latest technology.Facade of the CES Clinic

“Today we have a high quality Clinic that participates in the health system solving very complex pathologies. The future brings us great challenges where innovation, sustainability, and the training of future professionals will be the pillar to help build a better society ” , says Dr. Andrés Trujillo Zea, general director of the CES Clinic.

A reflection of the commitment to health and life is evidenced in the work carried out during the health emergency caused by COVID-19, with the recovery of 6 patients after long stays in the Intensive Care Unit, the implementation of protocols institutional for care and teamwork; likewise, the reopening of external consultation services, alternating telemedicine and presence with all biosafety measures.

The CES Clinic continues with the care of its patients, reaffirming its commitment to excellence, to develop the largest project that has been outlined; achieve high quality accreditation and recognition as a university hospital.

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