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Photograph of CES University Chancellor and Mayo Clinic Dr. Gary Charles

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is listed as one of the largest in the United States. Between January 27 and 30, Dr. Gary Charles Sieck, director of the Laboratory in Physiology and Medical Engineering of this institution, visited our different venues in Medellín in order to strengthen ties for future academic activities between the two entities.

The union between the Clinic and CES University is very important since it allows students from our alma mater to travel to Minnesota to do internships and support research projects in the laboratory directed by Dr. Sieck.

CES University is important to us as they have a very similar approach to that of the Mayo Clinic, not only in medicine, but also in veterinary medicine and biomedical engineering. In addition, we are also interested in the students of these faculties so that they can help us with research projects”Explained Dr. Sieck.

In addition, Dinah Roll Vélez, coordinator of international cooperation, reported that: “Both undergraduate students and those of the Graduate School can enjoy this opportunity offered by the American institution”.

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