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The Fundadores Library of our University has put at the service for freeClinical Key Student, a database dedicated to medical and nursing studies and that scientific information providers have left open to academic communities until June 12, this as an aid for studies dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this database you will find more than 100 medical books and more than 60 nursing books. There are also more than 190 videos, 60,000 images and more than 1,500 quick summaries that will help speed up studies in these areas of knowledge.Student photograph entering the clinical key search engine from your computer

I believe that Clinical Key is an ally in these moments where education has changed, with this database students can have a space of autonomy, being they the protagonists with the use of writings that transform information into relevant knowledge for learning”Said Isabel Cristina Rojas Gallego, professor of Human Anatomy at CES University.

Clinical Key Student also allows the option for its users to create their own notes and separate the highlighted information, this to have information that can be studied later or even to share it with other students.

People who want to make use ofClinical Key Studentor of the more than 60 databases that the CES University has, they can do so through the website of theFounders Library.

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