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One thousand copies in December 2019 and then another thousand will come out in 2020 from the newGuide to Learn about Faunadesigned by biologists, veterinarians, educators, communicators of the agreement between CES University and Corantioquia.

The first guide designed in 2014 was 70 pages, while this second guide after more than a year of work and launched at the end of 2019 is 65 pages with the inclusion of new species such as the Manatee, the Crested Eagle, the Bee melipona and La Mariposa located in different areas of the country.

“The guide to learn about fauna was an exercise by Corantioquia and the Santa Fe Zoo, in which they sought to have a document with which to make guided visits to the zoo, and to be able to leave an educational piece for the people who visit, not only do the guided tour but also take something to learn, study and share with your family, " said Nancy Zamudio Zuluaga, leader of Biodiversity Projects of the Extension and Social Projection Area of CES University.

In the guide you can learn what is the domestic, wild and exotic fauna; You will find an image related to the animal, a map where you can see where it is distributed in Colombia, a flag that tells you if it is an animal from Antioquia and additional some natural stories or some curious information about animals.

The distribution will be free at the Santa Fe Zoo, but it will be accompanied by different activities such as educational workshops that each of the institutions of the agreement do.

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