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In the second semester of 2019, the Faculty of Psychology of the University opens the doors to 20 students who will inaugurate the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology, a program that was born with the quality seal of the CES University.

This new postgraduate course had its launch event on Monday, June 10, with a series of conferences articulated on a theme 'In the mind of the criminal', whose purpose was to approach from neurobiological, psychological and social perspectives, emphasizing the role of the interdisciplinary approach, on psychopathic behavior.

Advertising image of the Master in Clinical Neuropsychology at CES UniversityThe purpose of the Master's program is to train highly qualified clinical neuropsychologists for the evaluation, diagnosis and rehabilitation in all fields of clinical neuropsychology, with a life cycle approach, that is, our clinical neuropsychologists can attend to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

“The Faculty already has an extensive experience in the field of Neuropsychology, both in undergraduate and postgraduate training, in research, as well as in patient care at the CES Clinic in Prado and at the IPS CES Sabaneta. This Master's degree is the product of all those years of experience ”, affirmed Marta Cecilia Gutiérrez Restrepo, head of postgraduate courses at the Faculty of Psychology at CES University.

Among the differentiating factors is the number of teaching-service agreements where students will be able to choose between institutions such as the IPS CES Sabaneta, the CES Prado Clinic, the Las Vegas Clinic, the Americas, the Los Alamos Training Center, the Fundación Integrate, the Hospital San Vicente Fundación, among others, to carry out their clinical neuropsychology practices and agreements with universities in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

At this time, the Faculty of Psychology continues in admissions for the 2020-1 semester of this Master's Degree.

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