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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), older adults are more likely to develop severe cases of COVID-19; some of them because they suffer from underlying medical conditions like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, etc.

Against this background, María Clara Ocampo Escobar, a teacher at the Faculty of Nursing at CES University, a specialist in Pain and palliative care and a teacher of care for the elderly, explains what care adults should have on the part of their relatives.

The teacher recommends that the relatives of adults avoid contact if they identify the presence of symptoms of respiratory disease such as the flu.

“If I have flu symptoms, when I enter the house and at least every 20 minutes I must be sanitizing my hands or washing my hands with antibacterial soap, if I am a carrier of the normal flu virus, which does not mean that it is symptoms of Coronavirus, In any case, I must be responsible and wear a mask all the time when in contact with the elderly; This mask must be used well, it must be taken into account that the mask must be manipulated from the strips where they are placed, whether tied or spring-loaded, and avoid as far as possible contact with the center of the mask because it is being carried there all the viruses that you may have at your hands, '' the Nursing teacher explained.

Also, from the Faculty of Nursing they recommended that the elderly should be isolated from anyone with any respiratory condition and therefore whoever visits or lives with them and has symptoms of flu or Coronavirus (Covid-19) should keep a distance greater than 1 meter.

In the event that an older adult presents signs associated with the coronavirus, it is recommended first, the first thing is to keep calm and not self-medicate. You should contact the 123 service line in Medellín for the health authorities to determine the situation and direct you to the identification center for home care.

The cell number 321 853 3928 is also enabled in Antioquia where doubts and concerns regarding the definition of cases of the virus can be clarified; receive self-care recommendations; identify warning signs; as well as determining the precise moment to go to health services. This line provides service 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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