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Solángel Ardila Londoño, professor at the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University, recommends that startups born in a pandemic seek a north beyond the situation and need, so that they can prosper with economic normalization and not stagnate in solving a momentary problem.

For the teacher, a specialist in Marketing with a Master in Administration, the keys to starting a business at this time should be focused on understanding the situation, from its crisis condition in general, and its particularities in complexity (challenges it presents), volatility ( changes), uncertainty and ambiguity (not knowing how it will transform or transform what we plan to undertake).

The first thing is not to undertake thinking only of solving the need that created the crisis, because I am doomed to failure; I stop thinking correctly in terms of solving a temporary problem and not that the venture has significance, and clients notice that. The invitation is to undertake with joy, with confidence and enthusiasm”, Explained the specialist during the Facebook LiveHow to undertake in times of pandemic?

Another of the recommendations he gives is that entrepreneurship takes place in a sector that he knows, in which talent is the input of what is done, so as not to delegate the work to others who can take advantage: "relying on another is too risky in times of need", Add.

Principles to keep in mind

- A business idea must be born with commercial motives, not just emotional ones. At this point, the teacher refers to being clear about what is going to be done, with sufficient information about the sector in which we are going to work (how it behaves, who else does the same as us, comparing our products with other similar ones) and not just the motivation to do it.

- The enterprise that is born in a pandemic must go through the same conditions and processes of a normal enterprise: recognize a client, know what they want, orient themselves to the correct public; observing, adjusting and evaluating our products or services so that they last over time and achieve one of the steps that demonstrate that it is sustainable: the buyback, which indicates that the public is interested in us, not only for helping our needs but also because he likes what is offered.

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