For the psychologist Melisa Parra Muñoz, leader of Mental Health and Attraction of Human Talent at CES University, the keys to a good virtual interview are to know, know and maintain certain dispositions of the virtual face-to-face, such as being in a suitable space for the interview and with a good personal presentation.

In his experience, getting to know each other is to be clear about certain strengths (skills, abilities) of our work and personality, to review them beforehand so that, at the time of a possible related question, it can be answered with confidence and with sufficient detail.

Even if you do not know what you are going to ask, preparing future answers helps you feel calm and keep in mind achievements in order to highlight them. In addition, you have to find out about the institution, know its location, what it consists of, what its strengths are; not only do you have to concentrate on the position you are going to fill ”,explained.

Another of the aspects he mentioned are the technical characteristics of the interview: confirm in advance that you have a good internet connection, see the details of the platform on which it will be carried out (if you have to download or register) and have functional headphones to listen and be heard.

It is important to be clear that a job interview is to know who we are, that is why we must calm down, be clear about our strengths, give alternatives to our weaknesses, have an appropriate treatment and make eye contact with the interviewer to demonstrate our interest"Added Melisa

As a detail, the psychologist stressed that in virtuality applicants tend to have more confidence and less anguish, which plays in favor of their conversation and answers.

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