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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

This dynamic was inspired by a project carried out by the municipal administration of Medellín called “Citizens like you” where around 500 mobile shops were installed, but without a vendor, but under the self-payment modality and the result of effectiveness that was 97% , according to local government data.

This activity consists of making a small reflection prior to the exam about integrity, where the message is highlighted that you must always act correctly even if no one is watching or supervising the actions of each person. Subsequently, the teacher delivers the written test and leaves the students alone in the classroom, trusting that they will not commit fraud, since Dr. Ortiz believes that "Trust begins with oneself and I hope they honor the one I am placing in them."

Gustavo Ortiz guides the subjects of dental implants, oral surgery and pharmacology at IPS CES Sabaneta, his motto is: "If you are transparent you can trust others." And under this premise, he will continue to instill in his students this important value, since knowledge is individual and that will be what will make them grow personally and professionally.

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